Learn to Speedskate Classes

websiteLearn to Speedskate classes start Sept 8, and run thru Sept 29.

Learn to speedskate is four 30 minute classes, starting at 8:30 Saturday Mornings at the EASTON Chiller.   Participants are welcome to join club members for dryland conditioning directly after class.

This class teaches the basic skills you need to become a short track speedskater for fun, fitness, or competition.  it is a great way to get started if you would like to become a member of Columbus Speedskating.

This is an introductory class, and all levels of skaters are welcome.  The only prerequisite is that you be able to skate forward 20-30 feet unassisted.

Instruction is provided by our team of elite coaches.

For more information or to register, please visit The Chiller’s website .


6 thoughts on “Learn to Speedskate Classes

  1. Why don’t you offer speed skating classes when it is not hockey season? You’d get plenty of great skaters who would be interested if you had an April class.


    1. Speedskating season ends in March. We are happy to offer lessons / practices over the summer if we can get enough people to cover ice costs.

      Use the contact form to reach out to us. We can set something up.


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