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So you’ve seen speedskating on the Olympics and always thought it looked fun.   So did we.  That’s why we have a club. Come join us.   We skate  and Saturday morning from 8-9, through season (September-March), and a couple times a month over the summer, as noted on the schedule.

To build skills, technique, strength, and fitness, we have dryland practices on Wednesday nights.   Dryland times are also on the calendar.

How to get started

New skaters are also welcome at any practice.   Please check out our page on “attending your first practice” and let us know that you will be coming.  There are almost always people at practices who will help you learn the skills.


Speedskates use a blade that is much longer, flatter, and narrower than a hockey or figure skate.  Boots are also lower.

The speedskating club has rental skates available on a first-come first-served basis.  They are not available through the front desk, so make sure to contact us in advance, and arrive about 45 minutes early so we can get you properly fit and make any necessary adjustments.

Skills required

Only a basic knowledge of skating is required.   If you can make it around the ice on hockey or figure skates, you can learn to speedskate.  Practicing for an hour once a week makes you a good skater quickly.



We have skaters of all ages, from as young as 4, to grandmothers.  In fact, one of our grandmothers is also a former National Champion.   We have several families where two or even three generations all skate together.   If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines while your son or daughter plays soccer or basketball, come join them on the ice.


Our head coaches are Buddy and Rachel Gurr.  Both are retired elite skaters, with Rachel being a former junior National Champion (2010) and Buddy holding the national record in 1000m.  Both were also top 25 in the Olympic Trials.

Buddy and Rachel are assisted by senior club members, each of whom has 10+ years of skating experience.


DianaIMG_0036 copy

The club travels to competitions in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin and other states.   Most competitions are open to all levels of skaters, with groupings based on seed times.  As skaters advance through the ranks, there are opportunities to skate in national level Americas Cup events and National Championships.


The Columbus Speedskating Club has produced 2 national championships, a North American Championship, countless state championships, and several top 20 nationally ranked skaters.  Skaters have gone from Columbus to skate with the US National Team in Utah, and with elite programs in Wisconsin, Virginia, and New York  For skaters with the talent and the drive, the opportunity for national team memebership and National Championship is there.



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  1. On the calendar I see there is a session tomorrow at 7:20 PM. Can you please confirm about the session? My son Advik wanted to join tomorrow’s session. He has been to few practices early this year.


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