Club Membership and Fees

Skaters are welcome to attend any practice.  No membership in Columbus Speedskating is necessary.  All skaters must have a one day or annual membership in US Speedskating

Drop-in fees are $20 per practice.   Cost includes a 1 day US Speedskating membership.

For people who expect to skate regularly, a 10 practice punch-card is $170  ($17 per practice)

Full season memberships are available for $650 for adults ($12.50 per practice) and $525 for children under 12 ($10.10 per practice).   Family maximum is $1400.  If you are interested in a full season membership, talk to a club officer about pro-rated memberships and payment plans.

Skaters using the punch card or full season membership should have an annual US Speedskating membership.  USS memberships are available here.

Contact any club officer at practice for membership.